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My first year at Lord Stirling School

Wow, what a fantastic time it has been.

I have seen some amazing assemblies

So many, that it made my head spin.


So much has happened throughout the year

I can’t even think of where to begin.

I want to remind everyone that you are special

And you have a greatness that comes from within.


Proud staff and students make up our school

And riding with PRIDE fills our halls.

We’ve learned and accepted challenges

Even one that had me taped to a wall!


I’ve been honored to become a Lord Stirling Knight

And to be part of this strong community.

I can’t wait for the next year to come

For yet another successful opportunity!

Ellen Treadway

Principal, Lord Stirling Community School



At Lord Stirling Community School, we strive to teach the highly important values of  PURPOSE RESPECT INTEGRITY DEPENDABILITY EMPATHY and give our students the opportunity to "Ride with  P.R.I.D.E !"
Through daily SEL morning class discussions, weekly SEL lessons, weekly opportunities to acknowledge students who are Riding with P.R.I.D.E., and monthly opportunities to acknowledge students who are role models as Knights of Honor, and our teacher's creative integration of our school values into their lesson plans.
Has your student been nominated for Riding with P.R.I.D.E. ?
How about for the Monthly Knights of Honor?
Families, we appreciate your support at home to emphasize the importance for your students to learn all about the school values...you too can ride with P.R.I.D.E. !

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Congratulations to 

LSCS Teacher of the Year

Ms. Ashley Delgado



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This year's poetry slam will be after PARCC testing! 
Don't forget, April is National Poetry Month!

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Things that can be recycled

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Shoprite Dietician Visits 5th Grade

Shoprite Dietician in Mrs. Van Liew's Class

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Our 1st Career Visit

Marisa Wagner MS, RDN MS, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Village Super Market, Inc.  is a  Shoprite Dietician.  She visited 5th Grade classes in November.  Ms. Wagner talked to our students about nutrition and healthy eating.  Ms. Wagner also spoke to the children about reading labels.  She had a question and answer period and talked with students about being a Dietician and what they would need to do to become a dietician.  Thank you for a great visit, Ms. Wagner.


College Colors Day

This year's kick off activity for College and Career Awareness was a College Colors Day.  Students and Staff chose a college or university to represent on November 8th.  Many different colleges around the USA were represented with signs, banners, T-Shirts, and sweatshirts.
Some colleges represented were: Rutgers, Kean, Johnson and Wales,  and Columbia!  
Thanks for all of the great participation!